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Click here to access the reserved pages of Club Dmaths.

How to adhere to the Dmaths Club ?

Dmaths Club is an association the purpose of which is to promote and to facilitate:

  • the development and the use of the Dmaths software,
  • the use of the office automation software continuations LibreOffice and OpenOffice.
  • the use of the free software in education.

You can download its statutes (writen in french) below by using the link.

To adhere to the club will allow you:

  1. to contribute to the projects Dmaths and,
  2. to profit from the services of the club: access to the reserved pages, remote loading ahead first of the last versions of the software...

Two stages are necessary so that adhesion is validated: It can be carried out simultaneously.

First stage : Register on the site : Register. Mention your address email well.

Second stage : Pay your contribution (11 euros + 5 euros of import duty).

With this intention you have two solutions:

  1. Send 11 euros on the bank account of the Club: Click to obtain the banking coordinates of the account ( write your address email in the wording )
  2. Use below a payment on line by bank card by using the link: Payment on line by PAYPAL.

As soon as your adhesion is validated, you will have access to the headings les Pages du Club Dmaths and will be able to download the last versions of Dmaths for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.

Access the Club’s reserved pages

Once your registration has been validated, you will have full access to the reserved pages of Club Dmaths.

To do this, you must log in to the “Documentation” section. Your usernames and passwords were kept when changing sites, so those who were registered at that time do not have to take any additional steps.

Here is the detailed procedure to follow to connect:

  • click on the white “Connection” button at the top right (in the documentation section)
  • fill in the “User” and “Password” fields
  • check Remember if you do not want to have to do the same thing each time you visit
  • click on Connection and you're there!!
  • the Disconnect button appears in case you want to disconnect.
  • the “Club Dmaths” link at the top of the page allows you to visit the reserved pages.

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